BEAM IT stands for Business and Environmental Administration and Management Ideas and Thoughts. While the web is replete and teeming with management and business administration materials, there is very little web available codified Asian, particularly Philippine, experience and perspective on business and environmental administration and management (beam).

These twin focus on business and environment are crucial concerns of the world especially in the time of climate change (entropy). The coming, or present, crisis of the age of man (anthropocene) is changing the landscape of the world and consequently  doing business. The lives of everyone is significantly and powerfully affected by these two concerns. The life of a person depends on the quality of one’s environment and business shapes not only the experiences of people but also their environment as well. Are there greater opportunities to exploit or there are only threats to deal with? What are businesses to do? What thoughts and ideas do we form out it? 

There are myriads more of questions to ask. How are business and environment known and understood in the administration and management  experience in the country?  What are the thoughts and ideas emerging out of the influx and intersections of foreign administration and management knowledge and practice in the Philippine setting? 

Foreign businesses are in the Philippines to make the most out of more than 100 million human resources of the country and the vast and rich natural resouces the nation sits on. Filipinos are learning the foreign ideas and thoughts in doing business and interacting with the environment. Foreign thoughts and ideas, nonetheless, have to face with the realities of the Philippines. Apparently, there are things to learn for both the foreign business and the Asians or Filipinos.

BEAM IT seeks to do a knowledge management of the Philippine Asian ideas and thoughts arising out of our experience, and to beam (share) it with every stakeholder, namely the entrepreneurs and businessmen, executives, employees, academicians and other members of society participating directly or indirectly on business and environmental concerns.