About BEAM

What is BEAM all about? It stands for Business and Environmental Administration and Management. The intention of my blogs is to communicate thoughts I learn from my talks about management and business administration (mba)  with a seasoned Filipino consultant on management we call by the initials of his name – BRD. He doesn’t want publicity that is why I simply refer to him by his initials or just the Consultant.

I also have my thoughts on environment and resilience management gained from almost a decade of work with environmental NGOs, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office of San Juan City and the National Government. Let this be my contribution on the national and global discourse on environment and climate change issues.

Further, I intend these blogs as Grounded Theory materials on management and business administration. The GT approach discourages review of related literatures at the onset to minimize external influences. Of course, my thoughts are embedded in the write ups, which are actually transcripts of my mind. The digi-scriptions (my term for my writings) I come up with are either stock knowledge, reflections, both, or anything of that sort and I hope to pour in writing everything relevant that I know about particular topics. These digi-scriptions and digi-scribblings serve as materials for a Grounded Theory on Filipino BEAM project.

What do I know about BEAM? Before this Digi-scribing, I was a Managing Director of a business start up, which we shut down after 5 years of operations. I know how it is to fail in business and environmental administration and management. It is like discovering a thousand and one ways of doing it incorrectly. BRD, in contrast, has been in business for several decades now. He was my boss in 2001 and I was a part of a Human Resource Management condulting team. I was the training design specialist. My experiences were then enriched as I worked with Non-Profit Organizations and the  Philippine government both local and nationsl levels. Of course, I also went to school and took organization development (OD) courses and have read books on leadership, management and the likes. My favorite includes Sun Tzu’s Art of War by James Clavell, and John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. I weave BEAM thoughts from all of these materials from memory.

How I started writing and then blogging? I am like many other ordinary faceless individuals on the street who was not born with the talent for writing. In my grade school days until high school and college, I really had no sense of writing essays or technical compositions until I had to check exams in essay form for my teaching (On-the-Job Training). My biggest problem back then was how to check essays. I went to the library and pulled a few books from the shelf on how to write an essay. I devoured the books. Finally, I had an idea how an essay is supposed to be composed. Then I practiced writing. And in one of the department celebrations, there was an essay writing contest. I joined. I won first prize. I can write an essay, finally.

About two years ago, I got attracted to blogging and I wrote some articles but I minced it. Then just recently I had the opportunity to blog for the former company I worked for. I organized and stumbled on my previous blog site. I had more than a couple of hundred views. Seems like I can build readership and following. In my current blogs since November 2015, last month, I already have close to three hundred views as of editing this page (12 January 2015). I am elated. I am glad and happy.

I am convinced I have something to share and BEAM about. I enjoy blogging and reaching more people. I get the chance to share a piece of my self to you. And so whoever you are, I am honored to have crossed path with you and hopefully made your life better with my digi-scriptions.


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