The Most Important Thing to Know When You Want to Get into Business


I have been writing about Management and Business Administration (MBA) since November last year (2015). My objective is to know and understand MBA and apply whatever useful knowledge I may create out of this journey deep into myself. To achieve my goal, I started digging into my knowledge, recollection of experiences and thoughts about the subject. And then refine any precious idea that I may find useful in the challenges of MBA. 
Business and Yourself

One evening, something flashed in my mind while I am in the “flow”. Now, I know and I am certain what or who is fundamentally at the center of any business – YOURSELF. Now, it finally makes sense to me that, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15). The basic truth about business is being busy. That is doing something instead of doing nothing or being idle. By doing something a person is busy, not idle, and in being so produces something of value. This output can be taken to the market for an exchange. That is business, which also creates a pattern or way of doing things – culture.
The term “culture” is from the idea of working the ground. That is, by being busy or with a person’s business/busyness culture develops. Productivity therefore must be tied to culture; the development of culture with business and business with the customer.
Who is the primary customer for your business? 

Contemporary thinking sees and understands business from the point of view of the customer, who is regarded as king. Generally, the customer comes from the market. They are the people who might be interested to buy your (goods/services or value proposition). The market comes from the population or the people in a given area. And yet, while it is true that friends, neighbors, and strangers become a market and customers, there is also one who has the need, expectations, wants and specifications for the value proposition. That person is you. The first and foremost customer of your business is yourself. When my daughter Wikka started her candy business last year, I thought that her customers are her classmates. That is true and correct. And yet, I missed something though. Her first business client is actually herself. She needed to manifest a burning passion in her heart. She expected our support. She wanted to prove she can also do business. 
The most important thing you should know, understand and apply is that YOU are the first and a very important reason for your own business. God puts you there (your garden, the place of your business) to work on it. This allows for your personal need, own expectations, wants and specifications to be met and satisfied.


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