Rock Wall: A Filipino Skill Waiting to be Taken to a Higher Level

Arranging rocks to form a wall is a skillful craft that Filipinos can do.  Consider this wall at the Mizpah Farm project. 

This rock wall is beautifully, and awesomely amazing. Look at the colorful rocks arranged to form this edifice.

Read more of the story of the man who built this Mizpah Farm Wall.

And yet, the color of the rocks can still be arranged to come up with another art – an edifice with a collage of rocks calligraphy, painting or drawing.

In the last forty years of my life, it seems that Filipinos lack the artistic imagination because we come up with few original internationally acclaimed art work but that is not true. In the 60’s, a Filipino architect came up with a concept of a stair that never ends. It has not been an attraction but those who came to know and visited it only found amazement.

There is a skill and native material that may be added to this rock wall craftsmanship – the use of white egg as cement. In Victoria, Laguna, there is an old building built using egg white to cement the stones. If this material would be used, an industry would be revived and activated. The egg industry.


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