Life Concerns: Fighting for the Health of Mom

The sun is shining bright today. Got an update about mom. Doctors changed opinion as to the dialysis she was supposed to undergo although her potassium is a bit high and has to be closely monitored. It means she will be deprived of banana and Buco juice. Better than no dialysis, PGH is discharging her, again, today and do home medication. Compared to last time she was discharged, she looks getting really well now – she is not complaining of pains anymore, the swollen body parts are gone, and, although still limited, she can now move her arms, legs and torso much better.

This development made me think if the doctors were merely mistaken or it is answered prayers. No, not my prayer but the prayers of my friends who are actually my family in Christ. Quite a number of people offered petitions to God and some of these friends I actually haven’t met yet personnally, but just the same were like closer to me than others whom I have known for longer years. I believe in their righteousness and as the Scripture says, “the prayer of a righteous one is very powerful”. We have prayer warriors. Further, a friend told me, “[gagaling si mama mo, at kahit pa madami kang pagkukulang sa Kanya ay hindi ka nya pababayaan]”. Indeed, God did not abandon us. He is carrying us through this difficult time. At one point, I had to look after mom for more than 24 hours straight, with the last two weeks without enough sleep, almost fully exhausted physically and mentally and with much stress, and yet God sustained my strength. Looking after mom was really difficult because she could hardly move her body and two persons were actually needed to adequately attend to her. At the age of 40, my physical prowess, if I still have, is unlike when I was in my 20s but it was like I still had much testosterone, or adrenalin, to keep going. Knowing myself, I cannot attribute it to my personal capacity – it is my God on my side, behind me or in front of me. And it is not just I but all the other members of the family who were with us through this. I have seen the stretching of the limits of each one to our breaking points but we were all sustained with enough stamina, physically, spiritually and emotionally, by God’s grace. I remember Paul when he prayed to God for a favor; God’s reply was, “My grace is sufficient for all your needs.”


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