Self Management for Leaders

How to become a man of value? Manage your self and become a leader.

Business and Environmental Administration and Management Ideas and Thoughts (BEAM IT)

The goal of self management for leaders is to maintain effectiveness and efficiency in leading, and to improve in one’s leadership. There are numerous writings on leadership available everywhere but this article focuses on the most important of all the elements of success – the people element. Specifically, it argues that particular people are essential to attain the emergence of a leader character, maintain it and improve it. Further, I will explain here why and how people, the other, play their crucial role in bringing out to the front the leader in a person, keeping it forward and building it up to maximize its potential.

a word-leadership-1672998.jpg

John Donne said,

“No man is an island entire of itself.”

These words assert the social nature of humanity.

Filipino Concepts: “Sarili” (the self), “Kapwa” (the other) and “Sakop” (group)

In social psychology and sociology, the self (sarili) emerges from the interaction with the other…

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