The Importance of Value Proposition – Health and Nutrition Value of Empanada

Businesses should have a clear value proposition. Supposedly, every business has something that it offers to the market however simple or small it may be. Nonetheless, it is seldom the case that a start up has a clear written value proposition.

Value Proposition


The Blooming Start Up of a Friend

Let me give you a real life case. I have an FB friend, Ms Liezel Galvez, who is into pastry food business but I am not sure she has a written value proposition. Get to know her at Mam Liezel Galvez


A Brief Background of the Business

I asked Mam how it all started and as follows is her reply:

I just started making empanada october, 2015. I learned through my cousin who used to supply empanada in malls in Cotabato. My neighbors are among the first who tried and tasted it then my Umba mates discovered my empanada through Facebook when I uploaded it. Right then they started ordering a minimum of a hundred pieces. I can’t accept orders often because I have no helper and I am yet to buy equiptments, like a mixer. It takes time to make empanada, it is not that simple. 

Quite a humble beginning, isn’t it? So, what suggestions can we give her?

The Health and Nutrition Value of Empanada

She is definitely into food value proposition, specifically with health and nutrition value, but it also carries a social and cultural value, too. Her product is “empanada”. Its nutrition value includes fat, sodium, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, protein and even vitamins A, and B-complex, and minerals such as Iron, Magnesium and Calcium. Empanada is also a Filipino food.


Social and Cultural Value of Empanada

Pinoys relate with one another eating empanada and it can also highlight our regional sub-culture in the fillings like adobo, menudo (Laguna has veggie menudo while in Manila it has meat), or sisig. It can also has fruit fillings including banana, mango, pinya or a combination of these and so forth, or veggie filled empanada. These are just my ideas and I am sure she knows better what fillings can be put in her empanada.


Filipino Empanada

For some more ideas about Filipino style empanada, you may visit the empanada blog of Vanjo Merano at the site below:

Filipino Empanada Recipe


Benefits and Advantages of Clear Value Proposition

By defining and writing her food value proposition, her business and brand can be built solidly, especially in a health and wellness conscious society. More and more people are paying attention to what they eat and its health and nutrition benefits. She is after all a fitness enthusiasts.

The clarity helps further in increasing the potential income of the business. As of now, her empanada cannot yet command the price because it looks very ordinary but once the identity of her product, by having a clear value proposition, then it can be priced with higher premium.
Copycats and the Disadvantages of Unclear Value Proposition

Without a clear value proposition, a business, especially in the food industry, is more like a copycat of existing businesses. As such, copycat businesses rarely go very far but a business with clear value proposition builds its own identity that the market can know and appreciate well.


Status of Mam Liezel’s Empanada Business

Currently, she bakes empanada for a local market in Bulacan but she is now sending abroad some of it and she celebrates this as a level up. This is an opportunity she grabbed and the next level up she can take is strengthening the value of her empanada by clarifying its worth in a value proposition.



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