An Encouragement to Me: “How Not Chasing Perfection Changed My Business for the Better”

“Don’t be afraid to build an underdeveloped product.”

This has actually encouraged me a lot in regard to this craft of digital content writing. Well, I have no idea of digital writing perfection anyway although I have seen good looking and impressive personal blog sites. I read some stuff about the craft before starting out and figure out there are much to learn.


I finally decided to jump and made my first digital content write up two years ago. It did not go far in terms of views, visits, likes, comments and shares. It is alright though. Now, I have gone quite far by my perception. My site has closed to a thousand views and with more than 300 visitors. I feel a chill inside.  


This month, two years ago, was when I started my digital writing career, which became dormant for more than a year. It was just in November last year (2015) that I continued writing and my contents are far from perfect.

When I first wrote a content, I did not consciously had in mind a value proposition and even the mechanics of digital content writing. Finally, November came and I have written my value proposition. It was also far from perfection. Everyday though I keep getting better in digital content writing. 

My advise, start learning and stop chasing perfection once you begin doing and producing.

Source: How Not Chasing Perfection Changed My Business for the Better


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