“Seek, and you will find”: ASK for an Enterprise

Talks with someone who READS Management

19 November 2015


“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7, ESV)

In my previous blog, we looked into how the promise, “knock, and it will be opened to you” maybe the beginning of a big and very successful enterprise. One has to choose or pick ideas to focus on hence, seeking begins. Once the idea is chosen or picked, then the asking begins – perhaps applying Appreciative Inquiry or simply applying the KUA model for instilling discipline. Our current sharing now is the second step of the process- “seek, and you will find”.

The challenge. After knocking and the door to ideas, thoughts and opportunities opened, the next step to take is seeking which one to grab and develop into a business. After the door opens up, the entrepreneur to be may also be overwhelmed with myriads of ideas, or endless thoughts and countless opportunities around him or her. Seeking which one fits you or has high potential for profit or plain satisfaction can be daunting. It is like turning stones to find diamonds, and it is wise not to leave any stone unturned and to turn every stone twice, or endlessly pan earth to get the gold. Mine for the ideas of treasure or simply connect the dots. What seems not connected could be the pattern for success. In the story of Carl Rehnborg he was able to connect the dots between plant-based rural diet and healthy body condition. Up to these days of space age, people hardly see the connection between illness and non-vegan diet. Everyone seems to think that eating whatever food is healthy.

Analysis and solution. An idea or thought could be a solution to a problem, or an opportunity to work on. Nonetheless, the idea or thought has to be harnessed to clarity so that it will become highly potent for profit. It could also be a game changing idea and it may change not only the rules of the game but the game itself. It may be something that can make humanity better or human life better than it is now. The social media Facebook and Youtube are game changers. In the past, staying connected with friends is practically impossible until this novel idea of electronic social media was born. In 1991, I graduated from High School and after that have lost contact with my classmates and other batch mates until one of them got contacted me through Facebook. Today, we are connected with almost everyone in our batch even those residing and working in the USA, Europe and other parts of the world. With Youtube, on the other hand, we have witnessed new people came to fame, including our very own Charisse Pempengco, who rose to international stardomin her singing career, and most recently Maine Mendoza, with her “smashdub”. These social media business concepts changed the game of communicating and connecting with people. The possibilities are endless.

More so, there may be people who are not only interested to patronize the idea but also to invest on it. Back in my days with the consulting firm, a colleague shared with me how his idea of producing a black notebook was funded by friends. There were five of them who spared Php2,000.00 each and with a total of Php10,000.00 as a start up capital they proceeded with the business. So, identify who may be interested in your idea. Nowadays, there is a scheme called crowd funding. There are also events where people with potential business ideas can meet people looking for a venture to find. In society there are people with money for capital but they lack idea or thought to capitalize on.

And since certainly there are people who are looking for solutions to their problems. You might be the one having the idea to solve it. A venture I am working on right now is editing for academicians. Their busy schedules, teaching, researching and administering, make it hard for them to give plenty of time to work on their technical writings but they have deadlines to complete their work for submission or publication. Look for these people who have a plight in life or in their career and need solutions. You may have a small community of clients at first but it can grow until you build a solid market base. Again, “Seek, and you will find”, until the idea, thought or opportunity, you picked has become clear for a business venture.


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