Into the Business of Blog: A Lesson on Business

Blogging, or more accurately, digital content writing, is also a skillful business. In my case, I have the following story to tell about my blogging experience:

Coming back to blogging, I learned I have a blogspot few years ago and I am building views already but I stopped. 

Was I bored? Or tis because it is not getting monetized? Obviously, there must be a compelling reason why I minced blogging. Most probably, I did not find enough rewards in what I was doing to keep me going. This is true in many other dimensions of our lives. 

The challenge for me is upgrading my self and developing this one to generate income. And to that, I need friends, including those who are yet to be my friends. 

This is also true on business and enterprise administration and management. People can get discouraged, and unmotivated and they would stop. To succeed further they not only need keep moving forward but also grow their selves and develop the enterprise for monetary rewards among others.

In the end of my narrative I said,

Go, go go!!!



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