Managing the Environment and Resilience

Todays world is different from the world mankind has known in history. There are countless differences but I want to focus on one issue – ecological crisis. With ecology I mean not the the science of habitat of the human and their interaction with the rest of livings forms and the non-living things forming their surroundings; I am referring to the surroundings of a person and people involving the other living forms and the lifeless materials. This ecology is in a crisis. It is not only degraded as commonly but more importantly it poses risks not only to the lower order of life forms but to humanity itself and maybe the planet earth itself.

In this work, i seek to explore three words comprising an idea – “environment and resilience management”. Perhaps, i would be describing my personal understanding of these words: 1. Environment, 2) Resilience, and 3) Management. I will first, look at these terms as I understand them and outside sources would be kept out at this point. My purpose is to present what these words meant to me without the aid of the dictionary, encyclopedia or wikipedia and the thoughts of scholars. I will first explore my mind and knowledge in stock therein. Afterwards, i will begin consulting the knowledge resources accessible to me.

I will deal with the words individually and then collectively as a term. I will attempt to describe and define the words, individually, and then the term.

Environment. The word seems to mean the collectivity of the forest, the plains or the sea and its inhabitants. At least that was how I understand the word whenever it is the topic of discussions of the environmentalists I know personally, and in the literatures I am opportuned to read. And to be an environmentalist is to fight for the protection of the trees, the forest, the sea, the air, and their inhabitants if they are being threatened of destruction and to call for the rehabilitation of the same habitat, if they have destroyed or currently under excessive use or being exploited to destruction.


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